Don’t necessarily need a technician to visit your house and just need some guidance to troubleshoot a problem? Or prefer to have a video inspection to we can come prepared with the necessary part?

Covid-19 has caused changes in every industry and ours is no different. These changes made us have to think outside the box and deliver a new way to service our customers. We are proud to now offer an online, professionally guided, On-Demand virtual plumbing service. It can be a great way to explain the problem, show the professional the issue, and even how to tackle a repair on your own if you are comfortable to do so.

No vaccine, no masks, no personal spacing required! If it still requires a professional touch, our online plumber would be happy to arrange a time that is suitable and safe to do the work.It’s easy, it’s safe and it’s affordable.


What kind of problems can we help you with?

Clogged bathroom drain, replace a faucet, disconnect a dishwasher, turn off the house water at the valve, spot a leak, change replaceable parts inside a toilet and more

What is the availability of this service?

Our virtual plumbing services are the same as our normal working hours. 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM.


“We are doing a home Reno on our kitchen. I needed Scott to put in new plumbing for our sink. Of course our countertops were done on the Friday of the long weekend. I was prepared to have no water for a while. Our plumber came by twice that Friday to make sure we had water and everything was running well. They were thoughtful, helpful and very efficient. Besides being very respectful of our house they were great to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone that needed plumbing.“

– Lauri McTavish